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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Blog Hop Saturday 1st September,2012 #5


  1. My dear Radwa,
    Welcome back to Blog Hop Saturday!
    Thanks for grabbing the Linky & also for answering my distress call! (LOL) For some reason, Linky is not recognizing your image, so I'm just going to go ahead and use the current image you have for your profile. I can always change it if you'd prefer something else. Hope you have a great weekend. Happy hopping!

    When you have time, don't forget to check the final poem over at Lovers''s a real beauty. See you soon my sister-friend! (smile)

    1. dear Andy
      im honored to join
      becos of your continous help i was able to continue and know great ppl and im willing to continue
      thank You so much

  2. Hi Radwa! It's a nice feeling being able to blog hop again. I'm going to check out your other posts.

    Have a great day! :)

    1. my dear Balqis
      so nicr to hear from you again im so pleased really
      well due to some circumstances i didt have a lap lately and too much work so ive been lazy and late in replyin back and in writing much new thoughts
      thanks alot for keeping in touch :)

  3. Dear Radwa,
    I have a little something for you here...

    1. im soooo happy wiz such present
      thanks aloooot
      once i get bk my lap ,i wud be honored to add it to ma blog
      thanks for everything Dear Andy

  4. Blog hopping is so much when you get so read so many nice blogs all at one place :)

    1. yeah ,it gives u z chance to know and meet other great minds and see life through their eyes
      im so pleased to meet all of You