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Welcome to my small world that makes me feel alive,i would love to share& dream , wish you can see my small dreams& share out loud with me

Thursday, December 12, 2013

my lovely winter here you are and here I come

.......its too cold outside
Winter is singing by my side
Oh my dear winter
I missed You so much
Ive been waiting for you to come
Here you I come
Many many things I wanna share
Many many things I wanna you to blow it away in vain
I miss walking under your lovely rain
I miss dreaming over and over again
I miss singing my old song we used to share
Im back to you and you back to me I swear
I wanna run under every drop of your rain
I wanna renew me all over again
Life has showed me a lesson full of pain
But now im able to collect myself and gain
Gain from every single pain
As You see the love we used to talk about
Life showed me that sometimes its rare
You see things that you wanna declare
Love can be seen and felt deep inside
But when actions put love aside
This can't be what you were trying to find
Love is all about keeping your promises
Love is to stand and fight till the end
Not lose your breath and can't defend
Love is to hold on tight
And never let it hide from your sight
Love is to be fair enough to stand for what's right
Love is to be able to give and take all at onetime
It lighten your soul and show you your hidden sides
It gives you the strength to continue till the last moment of your life
When you walk a very long way and just before the end
You turn your back and go away this isn't what true love says
True love is to hold on tight and tight
And when you are weak you take your strength from their side
Love is trust
Love is true care
Love is an endless share
Love is to see things together
Love is to step forward hand in hand
Love is to give the promise but never take it back
Love is the warmth of a dream come true after all you've been through
Love is to be fair enough to judge
Love is to be kind enough to wait
Its never about breaking everything and escape
Love gives you the courage to stand still
Love is to promise and have the will
Love is about two who became one
Two who can share in good and bad
Love is to have a brightful hope for tomorrow
Cos today you start, tomorrow God willing you continue
Love is to have one dream together
Love isn't to walk away on your own
Love is to fight for your dream
Love is to never be weak
Love is to stay and never leave
So this is what me and you my lovely winter used to know
But life showed me that I was so wrong
Sometimes you think your song was heard
But then you realise that its your echo that occured
Cos if it was another voice your melody would have been complete
It simply was so far away from what you believed it would be
When you walk together side by side for your life's walk
And suddenly you find yourself walking all alone
You try to recall every single detail
To make sure you weren't on your own the whole walk
Someone was there or it was just a mirrage of your soul
You try to think what was that?
Was it a game? A joke ? Or unfair taim
May be it was all only inside your brain
May be the promises weren't really meant to be for real
And simply wasn't there
Cos if it was truly true
You wouldn't be staying here and talking through
It was just a mirrage on a misty day
If there was another voice
You would have heard and you both sway
But its just you and me my winter standing at the bay
Let's listen to the rain and make it wash away the pain
Let me close my eyes and sway
Its my song....its my world....its my bay ^^

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Scattered whispers

never trust the beginnings
true and real words are said at the endings

I Love You,i love you,i love you ..................etc
its nice to listen to but its unique when actions talk through

give you a temporary warmth &then cold when its broken
so always wait and see,never directly believe
its better to be cold then feeling warm than to be frozen after a deep warmth

together forever..............
"together forever"is a box where both are takers & both are givers
it can`t be from one side cos at that moment "together" will disappear
together will never be gathered ,will only be scattered

conversations should be from both sides&decisions as well
don`t listen to the well said words wait and see, just wait and see

can`t wait to be together.........
can make you happy at the current moment
but later it would all disappear so again just wait and see

don`t be that happy with flower given to you
sometimes its a flower in-front of you and a knife from your back

don`t trust easily especially the words
let the actions talk louder&gain your trust

its ok to fight for something you believe in &feel its right
but when you fight alone,its others` problem not your own

never put expectations on anyone
cos people do change badly
and all you can take are some disappointments

Some people aren`t as they seem
want to really know them well
simply put them into action
sit down and watch
you will be really surprised

some people try to gain your trust
others try to re-gain your trust
while another gain&re-gain&lose your trust
that`s life

when someone really loves you
they prove it to you without asking them to

#scattered_whispers  inside me
trying to find a way out
life is not that idealistic like we think it is
but not everyone is evil
not everyone is true
just don`t trust easily
let the actions speak than words
don`t run towards people
sometimes they build an invisible wall
so you  get badly hurt while you running through
just wait&see,walk slowly towards thee
its better to be patient than to be a patient
its never easy,its always hard
but its yourself that you have got
so you never loose you simply came to life to learn

Sunday, December 8, 2013

بحر الحياة

بحر الحياة.............
بحر الحياة غدار و احنا لفين رايحيين
شايل معاه اسرار و احنا معاه ماشيين
ايام تفوت و تروح واحنا ولا حاسيين
احلام تعيش وتموت يا قلوبنا يا خايفيين
>>>>وقعدت اسمع منير كتيير كتيير
فضلت اعيد و ازيد فيها
يمكن عشان هو ده اللى انا عايشه فيه
بحر الحياة ....بحر الحياة......ياه ياه
الحياة ياما فيها و فيها 
بس احنا اللى خايفيين نجاريها
الواحد بيعيش بيحاول يعرف هو فين فيها
بيفضل يدور على نفسه اللى تايها وسط ضواحيها
يروح من محطة للتانية يقابل فيها و فيها
فيها وشوش بتضحك و وشوش حزينة
 قلوب صافية و قلوب القسوة فيها
تقابل ده و تسمع لده تصدق ده و تنخدع فى ده
قلبك يحس بامان و يفتكر ان اللى قدامه انسان
يبتدى يغنى كمان و كمان
اصله كان حاسس انه ان الاوان يعزف لحنه اللى مخبيه من زمان
و يبتدى يغنى و يقول و يقول
كان فاكر ان لحنه حيتسمع و فى القلب التانى حيتشال
بس طلع غلطان و لحنه لا اتسمع و لا اتغنى لكنه اتهان
فجأة حس انه مش قادر يكمل و محتاج يرتاح
قعد مع نفسه يحاول يجمع هو ازاى مخدش باله
ان الصوت التانى اللى كان بيغنى معاه هو صدى صوته
ياه ياه على بحر الحياة
بنقابل ناس و ناس
ناس الكلمة عندها عهد
وناس الكلمة عندها ابعد ما يكون من الوعد
كلمة "بحبك" وعد كلمة "مع بعض على الوعد" عهد
ازاى جرح القلوب مش محسوب
ازاى الوعود كلها كلام فاضى مش معقول
ياه ياه على بحر الحياة
الواحد يفضل يحلم و يحلم 
واول مايبقى الحلم حقيقة يطلع كله سراب
يفضل يسأل نفسه مليون سؤال من غير جواب
جواه بركان لا بينطفى و لا بيتشال
اصله مكانش فاكر ان بحر الحياة عالى اوى كده
كان فاكر ان الدنيا ابسط من كده
بس الدنيا علمته و فهمته غلطته
غلطته انه صدق و امن و غنى من قلبه بكل اللى حاسه
ليه مفضلش ساكت و خبى اللى جواه حتى عن نفسه
ماهو ده البنى ادم بيعيش حلم و اول مايقرب و يبقى حقيقة
تييجى الدنيا و بحرها الكبير و يتوه هو ويسلم للمصير 

Monday, December 2, 2013

What had she done wrong?

what had she done wrong?
that question will be haunting her for a while
 till her heart and mind meet at one point
but until this happens,she will keep asking herself that question,
onetime blaming herself for being fool that she believed in his words for too long
 and another telling herself may be one moment he meant what he said,
she was trying to find any excuse for him so as not to see herself being this blind,
she simply forgot that to care is not only to say
 but to act in a way that make her feel safe and well appreciated
 make every wonder inside her take her slowly to a safe shore
 not to be left to rough winds pulling her madly on her face ,that she cant find her balance
 she felt shes drifted away that she can no longer sway
everything collapsing around her
as everything in the dreamy zone is possible and reality have no place there
once her feet touched the ground everything started to talk out loud
she started to see what she was trying hard not to
she started to gather all the lines together
she started to read out loud so her heart and mind would listen together
she started to gather herself and see the ugly truth
The truth that many people would travel miles so as not to face it
The truth  that many would choose to be blind than seeing it
The truth that make actions speak louder than words
she started slowly to look back and realize 
that not everything said is really meant
and if its meant this doesn't mean that it will be done
she started holding to this truth
telling herself that she may meet many , cherish few and believe rare
that not everyone care would do so much to cherish such share
         Here she is, realizing thee

Saturday, March 23, 2013

it`s always ourselves we find in the sea

Today my eyes met such quote and immediately captured my mind and soul
as i do believe in that so much
no matter how lost I can be
the sea always gather the aches of"me"
and repair me slowly with every whisper he whispers to me
there,only there i feel im taken care of
there,only there i feel my silent shout is heard
there,only there my heart can scream
there,only there my eyes can drop all the tears that has been hidden deep inside me
there,only there i feel im loved
there,only there i feel im not alone
the sea has always been there for me for real
at such life you meet who keep saying we are there for you,we are around while the fact is
they aren`t really around,can`t really feel you nor be there for you
they only spread their words but not their actions
cos simply they dont know you like sea does
they dont know how they can act towards you
how can they try to cure you and be really around
if you count the words and real actions in your life
you would have dozens of words and very few actions
thats life,you meet many and cherish few
so its better to stop blaming people cos they won`t even understand the blame
you simply blame yourself for expecting at the first place
this is life,its not your fairy-tale and if you wanna live your fairy-tale simply don`t share
you were wrong letting people listening to some of your melodies
as they won`t understand its meaning,so play it but for noone but yourself
don`t do the effort for explaining cos they won`t understand and your soul will be the only one complaining
whenever you feel lonely ,just drop everything and run towards the sea
and you gonna feel complete,there you may sway with every melody of your heart beat
my beloved sea,thanks for being there for me

searching for someone called "me"

strange feeling controlling me when i came back to my place in here
actually not just one feeling,many and many
in here i feel myself,i feel the things i miss at real life
in here i feel i can see the real" me"
as in real life i can see only my mirage
my"me"used to be inisde "me"&with "me"
i somehow lost her at real life
don`t know how i let this happened
but it just happened
in real life,im feeling lost,lonely,sad,down,choked
cant even listen to myself
may be cos of the many echos around " me"
may be iam crazy,cos both are the same"me"
but real life was so hard
that it separated them apart
back to writing is a way to get her back to" me"
its all trials may be it would work,may be not
but in all cases its" me" with "me"
so the trial wont include others
so it worth the try,cos its " me" im searching for in here

Thursday, March 21, 2013


sitting all alone,thinking killing me&silence drifting me far away from everthing i know&everything inside, sometimes life becomes an evil monster that destroys every plant that you have been planting for years,all i wish now is to still be having the seeds,sometimes you feel you standing alone on your own, i used to get afraid of such moment till i knew its the best thing to do,go far away and be with yourself, cos any silent shout is never replied nor heard i realized that being abandoned is much better than being surrounded by many and still you feel lonely and they never meet your expectations, at such life to live happily is to expect none , cos when ppl dont meet your expectations you feel so bad, really bad,i wish i didnt have to stand alone but life taught me that i have to, nomatter how im dying deep inside,nomatter how my soul is bleeding i have to,im the victim and im the healer,thats how it shall be, i never thought that oneday i would write that way but i have no other way i miss my dreamy moments i miss myself i miss my soul when it sway i miss everything that has been planted deep in my way when i didnt plan for a kidnapping moment, i found my feet taking me to my beloved sea at one of the places that have been captured in a pic that i still carry,i found mysoul listening to an old song saying you&i,like a ship forever sailling,thats you&me my beloved sea,i miss you&i miss me