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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Scattered whispers

never trust the beginnings
true and real words are said at the endings

I Love You,i love you,i love you ..................etc
its nice to listen to but its unique when actions talk through

give you a temporary warmth &then cold when its broken
so always wait and see,never directly believe
its better to be cold then feeling warm than to be frozen after a deep warmth

together forever..............
"together forever"is a box where both are takers & both are givers
it can`t be from one side cos at that moment "together" will disappear
together will never be gathered ,will only be scattered

conversations should be from both sides&decisions as well
don`t listen to the well said words wait and see, just wait and see

can`t wait to be together.........
can make you happy at the current moment
but later it would all disappear so again just wait and see

don`t be that happy with flower given to you
sometimes its a flower in-front of you and a knife from your back

don`t trust easily especially the words
let the actions talk louder&gain your trust

its ok to fight for something you believe in &feel its right
but when you fight alone,its others` problem not your own

never put expectations on anyone
cos people do change badly
and all you can take are some disappointments

Some people aren`t as they seem
want to really know them well
simply put them into action
sit down and watch
you will be really surprised

some people try to gain your trust
others try to re-gain your trust
while another gain&re-gain&lose your trust
that`s life

when someone really loves you
they prove it to you without asking them to

#scattered_whispers  inside me
trying to find a way out
life is not that idealistic like we think it is
but not everyone is evil
not everyone is true
just don`t trust easily
let the actions speak than words
don`t run towards people
sometimes they build an invisible wall
so you  get badly hurt while you running through
just wait&see,walk slowly towards thee
its better to be patient than to be a patient
its never easy,its always hard
but its yourself that you have got
so you never loose you simply came to life to learn

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