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Monday, December 2, 2013

What had she done wrong?

what had she done wrong?
that question will be haunting her for a while
 till her heart and mind meet at one point
but until this happens,she will keep asking herself that question,
onetime blaming herself for being fool that she believed in his words for too long
 and another telling herself may be one moment he meant what he said,
she was trying to find any excuse for him so as not to see herself being this blind,
she simply forgot that to care is not only to say
 but to act in a way that make her feel safe and well appreciated
 make every wonder inside her take her slowly to a safe shore
 not to be left to rough winds pulling her madly on her face ,that she cant find her balance
 she felt shes drifted away that she can no longer sway
everything collapsing around her
as everything in the dreamy zone is possible and reality have no place there
once her feet touched the ground everything started to talk out loud
she started to see what she was trying hard not to
she started to gather all the lines together
she started to read out loud so her heart and mind would listen together
she started to gather herself and see the ugly truth
The truth that many people would travel miles so as not to face it
The truth  that many would choose to be blind than seeing it
The truth that make actions speak louder than words
she started slowly to look back and realize 
that not everything said is really meant
and if its meant this doesn't mean that it will be done
she started holding to this truth
telling herself that she may meet many , cherish few and believe rare
that not everyone care would do so much to cherish such share
         Here she is, realizing thee

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