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Saturday, March 23, 2013

it`s always ourselves we find in the sea

Today my eyes met such quote and immediately captured my mind and soul
as i do believe in that so much
no matter how lost I can be
the sea always gather the aches of"me"
and repair me slowly with every whisper he whispers to me
there,only there i feel im taken care of
there,only there i feel my silent shout is heard
there,only there my heart can scream
there,only there my eyes can drop all the tears that has been hidden deep inside me
there,only there i feel im loved
there,only there i feel im not alone
the sea has always been there for me for real
at such life you meet who keep saying we are there for you,we are around while the fact is
they aren`t really around,can`t really feel you nor be there for you
they only spread their words but not their actions
cos simply they dont know you like sea does
they dont know how they can act towards you
how can they try to cure you and be really around
if you count the words and real actions in your life
you would have dozens of words and very few actions
thats life,you meet many and cherish few
so its better to stop blaming people cos they won`t even understand the blame
you simply blame yourself for expecting at the first place
this is life,its not your fairy-tale and if you wanna live your fairy-tale simply don`t share
you were wrong letting people listening to some of your melodies
as they won`t understand its meaning,so play it but for noone but yourself
don`t do the effort for explaining cos they won`t understand and your soul will be the only one complaining
whenever you feel lonely ,just drop everything and run towards the sea
and you gonna feel complete,there you may sway with every melody of your heart beat
my beloved sea,thanks for being there for me


  1. Absolutely awesome darling! Thanks for the treat!

    1. thankd alot for your continous support my dear friend
      i really appreciate it alot

  2. wow!
    it's really awesome radwa, the first part about the sea is amazing and surely will be appreciated by the sea lovers..
    and the second part is just perfect,, yes my friend.. this is life
    waiting for more of your nice stuff