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Saturday, March 23, 2013

searching for someone called "me"

strange feeling controlling me when i came back to my place in here
actually not just one feeling,many and many
in here i feel myself,i feel the things i miss at real life
in here i feel i can see the real" me"
as in real life i can see only my mirage
my"me"used to be inisde "me"&with "me"
i somehow lost her at real life
don`t know how i let this happened
but it just happened
in real life,im feeling lost,lonely,sad,down,choked
cant even listen to myself
may be cos of the many echos around " me"
may be iam crazy,cos both are the same"me"
but real life was so hard
that it separated them apart
back to writing is a way to get her back to" me"
its all trials may be it would work,may be not
but in all cases its" me" with "me"
so the trial wont include others
so it worth the try,cos its " me" im searching for in here


  1. I know how it feels dear Radwa... as I myself have been lost these days.. ever since Mama passed away.. I've been wondering, when will I ever be me again?

    1. oh Crystal,my deep sorrow for your loss,nowords can support i know
      but believe me i really feel You
      lately i wasnt feeling well for so many reasons i can't tell
      recently my grandpa passed away so im more lost
      having so many things and all coming together so such feeling
      cant leave me and cant let it out so, feeling unbalanced more and
      the choking feeling is increasing
      i wish i can be there for you my friend,im so sorry my dear
      thanks for being here and sharing,missed you

  2. Crystal,kindly i need your help if you are aware with the blogs templates,Andy used to guide me :( but hes nolonger here :(,i changed my blog template to another ad i customized it and everytime i open the blog the new template show for less than a minute and then reverts back to the old one :(,i dont know how to fix that problem,thanks in advance

  3. dear sister i hope you'll find your wonderful self soon, life is hard.. this is true, it takes the best of us, burns it and leaves the ashes.. but the good thing is that we can always resurrect from the ashes...
    listen to this song :)

  4. Beautifully written. I wish you'll discover the "me" soon.