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Thursday, December 12, 2013

my lovely winter here you are and here I come

.......its too cold outside
Winter is singing by my side
Oh my dear winter
I missed You so much
Ive been waiting for you to come
Here you I come
Many many things I wanna share
Many many things I wanna you to blow it away in vain
I miss walking under your lovely rain
I miss dreaming over and over again
I miss singing my old song we used to share
Im back to you and you back to me I swear
I wanna run under every drop of your rain
I wanna renew me all over again
Life has showed me a lesson full of pain
But now im able to collect myself and gain
Gain from every single pain
As You see the love we used to talk about
Life showed me that sometimes its rare
You see things that you wanna declare
Love can be seen and felt deep inside
But when actions put love aside
This can't be what you were trying to find
Love is all about keeping your promises
Love is to stand and fight till the end
Not lose your breath and can't defend
Love is to hold on tight
And never let it hide from your sight
Love is to be fair enough to stand for what's right
Love is to be able to give and take all at onetime
It lighten your soul and show you your hidden sides
It gives you the strength to continue till the last moment of your life
When you walk a very long way and just before the end
You turn your back and go away this isn't what true love says
True love is to hold on tight and tight
And when you are weak you take your strength from their side
Love is trust
Love is true care
Love is an endless share
Love is to see things together
Love is to step forward hand in hand
Love is to give the promise but never take it back
Love is the warmth of a dream come true after all you've been through
Love is to be fair enough to judge
Love is to be kind enough to wait
Its never about breaking everything and escape
Love gives you the courage to stand still
Love is to promise and have the will
Love is about two who became one
Two who can share in good and bad
Love is to have a brightful hope for tomorrow
Cos today you start, tomorrow God willing you continue
Love is to have one dream together
Love isn't to walk away on your own
Love is to fight for your dream
Love is to never be weak
Love is to stay and never leave
So this is what me and you my lovely winter used to know
But life showed me that I was so wrong
Sometimes you think your song was heard
But then you realise that its your echo that occured
Cos if it was another voice your melody would have been complete
It simply was so far away from what you believed it would be
When you walk together side by side for your life's walk
And suddenly you find yourself walking all alone
You try to recall every single detail
To make sure you weren't on your own the whole walk
Someone was there or it was just a mirrage of your soul
You try to think what was that?
Was it a game? A joke ? Or unfair taim
May be it was all only inside your brain
May be the promises weren't really meant to be for real
And simply wasn't there
Cos if it was truly true
You wouldn't be staying here and talking through
It was just a mirrage on a misty day
If there was another voice
You would have heard and you both sway
But its just you and me my winter standing at the bay
Let's listen to the rain and make it wash away the pain
Let me close my eyes and sway
Its my song....its my world....its my bay ^^


  1. U re right, the hardest thing in this life is to love and keep ur love but the hardest is to loose that love in the perfect place and the perfect time...

  2. Yeah but I doubt it was true
    Cos if it won't be that way
    Definitely there's something wrong
    It can never b true.....
    If its true all your believes wud have been true
    How come you be believing that much and walking through
    Suddenly you find its you and you
    This cant b true

  3. Mmmm, as I told u men are programmed to let down, tht s the only thing that they do perfectly and, it wasn't in big situations, they won't let any occasion to make feel alone.. And abt truth of things, I tell u u LL never know even if told from ppl them selves, I think they don't know what was happening, they are much to stupid to know why they came from the first place and why they left, they where so manipulate tht they don't have a life for their own.. People are like that they hurt other without caring..

    1. Who are programmed to let down isnt a real one....
      Real men never do so
      They appreciate and cherish and support. .....but others hurt without caring indeed.....I cant think more in another thing.nor another reason...

      Thanks for reading and being there......♡ U joooooo

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  5. It's good to see you again Radwa, and such changes I've noticed since I've been gone! New background, more post for me to read and get caught up on! You've been busy I see. Love really is all these things and more.. and it's also the not so good things too.. but a real love knows when to hold back and when to let it go. I love your poem. It's very special.

    1. Thanks alot my dear......
      Where have you been? Wish everything is going well
      Thanks alot for your nice encouragement. really means to me
      Yeah real love is real love.....but some ppl dont know what it is that unfortunately while we believe they do....
      Its a good lesson from life and to realise the fact makes you able to overcome the whole issue and hold tight to your own beliwves and never stop with whom cant have z same....its just life showing us the whole thing
      Thanks my friend and wish to know your ooinion whenever you read the rest
      The fact is thinking make me write and writing make me realise
      So im more than glad to come back to my place :)