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Friday, January 24, 2014

a letter to Eve

Dear Eve,
   No matter where you are ,who you are,be sure you aren`t alone
I know how it feels,truly madly deeply
The problem is that pain gathers hearts together
Pain makes us suffer but we gain same-time
we gain our lost selves
You have all the right to cry till your wound is removed from deep inside You
Give yourself time to heal
pressing the wound every now and then won`t make it heal
but listening to your silent shouts and your scattered tears will make you see later so clear
Never stop listening to yourself ,try to be kind to your heart
It suffered alot from the other heart that was supposed to complete
that`s life ,you meet by a chance &you broke up by choice
it`s still destiny you know
So kindly smile and put your trust in God`s hands
He knows you and knows what you really deserve
sometimes the poor heart can be deceived
don`t be surprised my dear
yeah it can be deceived ,cos you have a kind heart
You simply believed some spoken out words and didn`t see a real out loud action
An action that can say more than a million words can say
You`ve been raised among real men so you never thought Yours would be far away from them
Yes my dear Eve,unfortunately he wasn't man enough for you
He couldn't hold tight to you and fight for you
i can listen to your heart crying from the deep wound my dear
hey,may be its hard now but im certain you gonna pass through that all
You are more stronger now than before believe me
Its just you were living inside your fantasy world thinking its real
but life showed you whats fake from whats real my dear
Keep in mind that you aren't crying now for him
You are just shocked from the broken promises and the false actions and the lies
Face it Eve,he didn`t love You ,he couldn't prove his love,it was just some words
yeah some false fake ones to make your pure smile shine so he can see it
he loved himself more ,unfortunately
You know words at nice times can be said in an awesome way but
it can be really proved at the most hardest situations you can ever pass through
so you should wait my dear to see it though
sometimes people love You cos they see themselves better with you
once they are put into situation to choose between themselves and You,they choose themselves
that's not true love Eve,you were just deceived
True love is someone to love You for who you are no matter what
they fight and fight and fight and never leave
it`s ok my dear,it`s ok Eve
You just didn't know what was real
But now You do know
Now you can see ,you are no longer blind my dear
so smile and Thank God for helping You to pass all this through
You deserve to be happy with someone who really know You
someone who loves You and prove it for you without asking him to
someone to make you feel safe
i know....i know....i really do know
You aren`t alone believe me
so smile and shine Eve
smile and shine
Tomorrow is a better day
 be certain that Your knight wil show up one day
and for that male who deceived you
you should be thankful to
don`t be surprised my dear
yeah you should
because of him you will know when a true gentleman will come
you will simply know
life made you learnt the hard way through your heartache
love yourself and listen to her more
shine for your own ,you owe yourself much more
your one will come and collect all the pieces of your heart
you will be healed through his true love
so live your life with a smile
you are never a loser
you are a winner my dear
smile and shine please
till we meet again

Yours Sincerely,
   Another Eve

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