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Friday, October 19, 2012

صورة / a picture

this was the first time for me to write in my own language,never tried after this one,i will try to translate it for my friends who don`t know Arabic :)

مرة كده من المرات اللى انا قعدة فيها انا و انا....كنت بقلب فى الصور اللى عندى
مكنتش صور لحد معين ........كانت صور طبيعية و صور تخليك تحلم و تروح لبعيد....بعيد اوى
افتكرت ساعتها طلب اطلب منى مرة و هو انى اسيب عينى تروح لأى صورة منهم و اسيب احساسى يتكلم
ممممممممم على قد منا بحب احساسى ياخدنى بعيد بس المرة دى كانت غير كل مرة....للحظة...
للحظة حسيت انى مش قدرة اروح هناك....كان فيه حاجة مسكانى
لقيت صوت من جوايا اول مرة أسمعه...بيقولى ....صورة؟
الصورة دى حبة الوان مع بعض.....و اللى
و اللى بيخلي الصورة تتكلم مش اللى جواها اكتر من احساسنا نفسه
احساسنا اللى مش قدرين نحسه فى الحياة.....فكل مرة عينينا تشوف صورة
احساسنا يسبنا و يطلع من جوانا و يجرى على الصورة يحاول يعيش و لو للحظة
قبل مناخده و نرجعه تانى جوانا و يفضل حزين سجين بين ضلوعنا


onetime of the times i was sitting me with me
i was checking the pictures i captured
werent pictures for specific outing
just some pictures for nature that would take you so far away
i remembered when i was asked once to let my eyes surrender to any picture of them
and let go of my feeling to speak out loud
for a moment i felt i cant go there,something was holding me back
there comes a voice from deep inside me asking me.......picture?
the voice continued telling me : "the pictures is a collection of colors gathering together,
   and what makes it talk not its colors more than our feeling we feel towards it
the feeling that we cant feel in reality so everytime our eyes fall on the picture
our feeling leaves us and run so fast towards the picture trying to live there even for Only a moment
before we capture and take it back to live as a sad prisoner deep inside us


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    1. my dear izi,thanks alot,im happy that u liked it although i feel z english version is atronger ,have a wonderful day my izi :)

    2. I can't read Arabic so you can say better about it, but English or Arabic, you know how to express and impress ;).

    3. i love you my dear izi .thanks for supporting me my friend

  2. congrats, u've been given the liebster blog award! :)

    1. Dear Arpita,first of all thank you so much,you have made my day,really im honored and thrilled
      i wanna apologize as i didnt have internet at hom and couldnt log in through mob as its tiny and need a pc
      hopefully will log in today when i get bk home and answer
      so i will post ur questions as a post at ma blog wiz ma answers and my new eleven questions as well?

  3. The hidden memories in pictures, yes, the desire to to recapture that moment, to relive that memory.

    Beautifully told!

    1. Dear Yolanda,im glad you liked it and felt it as i did
      sorry for my late reply and thanka alot for following me,im honored that you would read my humble writings :)
      have a wonderful day

  4. كتير حلوة يا رضوى ومعبرة جدا واحسن ما فيها انها بسيطة وصادقة

  5. كتير حلوة يا رضوى ومعبرة جدا واحسن ما فيها انها بسيطة وصادقة

  6. Dear Radwa, the topic is really so intersting and the idea is new , you wrote it in a simple way which arrive to all level of minds.but in my opinion i would like to give u an advice as i notice that you wrtie the idea once come to your mind without arranged it ,this happen to all ppl even the writers, so take the pen write it and don't puplish it untill you read it again after finishing you will see and discover alot othings to do such arranger some statements to be in logicaly chain, alos i notice because of this u repeate some ideas even with another words,arab and egyptain always fell in this trap because arabic language have the style of words confirmation in the sentance but in english it concider a repeating words , so if u read ur article again before send it u can avoid such this mistake, as a general very good blog and when u take my advice u will see the wishes for more successful tender blogs like ur sensation