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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Insanity Leading to Escape

 insanity leading to escape on Thursday, 10 March 2011 at 20:20 ·
 ~No Appetite ~
 everywhere ppl r driving you crazy
&here talking to yourself all the time do the same ,
 and if anywhere else ppl are gonna reply in one case
 if you talk about non important vacant silly issues ,
so the equation lead to one answer
 which all cases here and there you talking to yourself
 no taste for anything
 all ppl are same with nothing special and onething common,
 which is just talking and no actions and reactions
all features are same
 all voices are same
all issues became one issue
 nowhere to go no one to talk to
 its just you
and everyone has nothing to to do
 except annoying you
and making you feel more alone in such unnamed zone
 where no one special nor no one true
 all are clowns dancing in front of you
 just playing and getting you life`s flue
 its a flue that has no medicine to be cured
its words and quotes and lies that cant be true
its a false long story we living through
such story about this life that we thought its true
 where everything is fake and we cant have a CLUE
a clue to make us see clearly what we passing through
 its a zone that make you stand and cant say a word
 its a zone that make you keep watching and just cant move on
 its a zone that make your mind freezed
and your heart cant beat and u barely can breathe
 everywhere became the same that lead you to escape
 thats if escaping can find a way though such wild place.............
many pathes showing waiting u to start a new journey... you free to choose.....if it this or that or those.... wish all of you would be guided by our beloved ALLAH to choose the right true safe path.....for the whole life....


  1. I enjoyed the flow and the rhythm. Also the philosophy in it all.. Very intellectually stimulating!! Thank you for posting Radwa!!!

    1. Dear Crystal,
      Thanks for your kind words so glad that you liked ;)

  2. My dear friend,
    Welcome back !!! This is based upon different opinions. When I am not writing poetry or listening to Indian music, I am reading spiritual things. I guess my mind is always filled with something that is beautiful. Of course, everyone is different and has different circumstances. I am sure many can relate to this post. Thank you for sharing my friend.

    1. Andy :),i missed all of you :),
      Well im so glad that this one you liked as it so close to me
      Dont know why Andy but mosy of my writings are heading towards sadness may be cos its hard describing happiness,im wondering

  3. it is more difficult to portray happiness than sadness....wishing you happy writing. Here from blog hop Sat have a great week ahead.

    1. Dear NIlanjana ,thank you so much ,im pleased that u liked it
      i love the blog hop as it helps all of us to meet and c life through someone else'eyes
      i apologise cos i was late in my reply and in checking back all the blogs but i dont have a lap for a week now and si hard the access from mob
      hopefully today when i get home i wish i wud get back my lap and follow all z.awesome writings
      thanks alot and have a wonderful day :)

  4. Dear Radwa: I was reading slowly what you wrote. You´re so spiritual and nice writer. kiss Elen

    1. my sweet dear Elen
      your words made my day
      thanks a million :)
      im so glad that u liked it ,im honored
      kisses for You