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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sea After longtime no see 20th July,2011

It has been a longtime.....
a time with no sea
just me with me
or simply me with stranger life out there
everyday that passes used to take me far away
life is drowning us from the beauty we can see
deep inside i was longing for my beloved sea
but simply i couldn't save sometime to be with thee
i used to know that wonderful time always come without planning
while i was staying reading
the door opened and i was told to get prepared
when i asked where are we going
the answer meet your beloved sea
i couldn't believe it i thought it was a dream
i got dressed differently than any other day
the moment i arrived my heart beats were arguing
every beat wanted to leave me and run to the sea
just to say hello and wait me to come and see
see what my eyes missed for a longtime
feel what my heart longed for so long
live what my soul badly needed to live
the moment my feet touched the sand
i have been kidnapped ........
away from people around me
away from any side talking
i simply found the sea calling me
and the stars lighting up my path
the path that i have been away for a while
i found the waves finding its way to touch me
every wave struggling with the other just to reach me
as if sea wanted to tell me.......about what happened
when i was so far away
i found my heart leaving me
going deep inside the sea just to listen to the stories
i found my soul saying out loud what i have been saving unspoken
i slowly raised up my eyes to the sky
i found starts coming towards me
slowly and slowly.....
telling me about every whisper has been said
every dream has been kept
a sudden sound came and took me
it was the laugh of a young child
holding his dady`s hand and coming closer to the sea
and then going far......stepping in and out
the child was sooo afraid to get closer alone
till a tender touch from his dady made him felt safe
safe to get closer and play with the waves
it was an endless melody
a melody of the waves wrapped with pure laughs
for a moment i felt iam in a dream
a dream that kidnapped me
a dream that recharged me
a dream that healed me
although time passed so fast
but for tonight i will close my eyes
and keep dreaming of such real dream
just wanted to share you
what my heart saw tonight
wishing you all good night


  1. Dear Radwa,
    I don't get to go to the sea very often, but I know only too well how relaxing it can be. The waves ebbing to and fro and the splashing of the water are like melodies to my ears. The photo is amazing! Love the footprints in the sand and the color of the sky. Very nicely expressed and imaged. Thanks for sharing.
    Wishing you a wonderful evening.
    Don't forget to linkup to Blog Hop Saturday! tomorrow.

    1. Dear Andy,im so glad you,actually it was written a year ago,i was really.missing sea ,im afraid the many times i talk about my beloved sea.ppl would get bored but actually sea has a very deep effect on me ,im willing to share after a while the note i wrote after a very long walk with sea it was written 8 years ago ,Godbut willing will share but later :)so as not to get you bored
      For the picture its from my last collection i captured a year ago :)
      Im so glad you liked and thanks for your continous support to me,i do appreciate reslly :)

  2. Oh Radwa, Andy is right.. this was so very beautiful.. I've never seen the sea for myself but I would love to someday.. you just took me to that magical place though.. I can feel like I'm there listening to the waves and just taking in all the surrounding beauty.. This was very nicely expressed and the imagery.. I love the imagery! I hope I get to see this in real life someday.. You are so lucky!

    1. My dear sweet Crystal,im happy that you liked it,you know sea has a deep impact on me and on my writing and my photography ,it really affects me and breathe into my soul,as i told Andy i would love to share you a thought with ma sea written long years ago but later to not make you bored,and soon would share with you many of my pictures for sea so to take you there:)
      Im pleased with every word my dear
      Have a wonderful day :))

  3. A very beautifully written poem. Loved the story in it. :)

    1. Dear Balqis ,thanks alot,im so glad you did and so sorry for my late reply,wish you would accept my apology

  4. I truly loved the sentiment expressed in this piece. The sea is a lovely place to be. :-)

    1. dear Tameka
      im so pleased you liked it
      yeah sea is an awesome friend and great company to be with
      it makes you feel alive and charges you
      so nice to meet you and have a wonderful day
      i apologise for replying late as had a.problem in not having my lap for a week now
      really sorry and thanks alot dear