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Friday, July 27, 2012

RFW wk41 : it`s me

its a big wound....its not caused because of one person...
its caused because of many towards one....and the many (no one knows anyone)
....its a long story of a life ,,,that life is mine....
and the winds were too strong coming from everyone.....
sometimes you there for them....
many times you out there without them...
sometimes you want them to be near...
but cant even try to make them hear it clear..
its always some fears that you cant reveal
its always some tears that you cant heal...
its always some dreams that you cant have for real...
it always end YOU with YOU
but i began to love me with me...
as me is all i can be...
i was just too far from me..
trying to be what they want me to be....
forgetting all about me...
iam trying now to take good care of me....
regardless to what they see....
or what they want me to be...
i will always be ME....
the one i used to be and the one will always be....
i will always be ME.....
the one who have many dreams to achieve...
i will always be ME....
the one who was afraid to see whats really deep inside me
but now its time to listen and see and believe
listen to what she has been trying to tell me
see what she has been trying to show me for a longtime been
believe in her and what she has been trying to keep for me
its time to share out loud with life
its time to stop blaming myself for being me
its time to never fear whats coming towards me
its time to not regret what passed as this what made me see ME
Dear ME : "i will never let you go away or be lost again,its time to have faith and carry on with life`s race"


  1. I love this! You are taking YOU back! Excellent!

    1. Dear Heather ,im glad that you loved it and for such encouragement,thats really whats happening to me,i was having doubts of sharing and then took the decision to share,
      thanks for passing by,and nice meeting you

  2. Dear Radwa,
    I'm so happy to see you have posted for RFW. I agree with're heading in the right direction by reclaiming YOU. Nicely done! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Andy :),

      Iam so happy for your continuous support,iam waiting for your participation,
      thanks alot,i thought of sharing in another way and iam glad that its accepted in such way,you have made my day you and Heather :)

  3. This is a strong declaration of self. Right on.

    1. Thanks alot dear Sceherazade

      im glad you liked it :)

  4. Oh yeah "me is all i can be"

    So awesome; and isn't that all one can expect of oneself? Well done Radwa; I may have to favorite this and read it when I need a kick in the shorts.

    Thanks for joining RFW this week.


    1. Dear Donna,

      well Donna thats what i felt lately and thats what im trying to be really,as life has been teaching me but in the hard way and my dreamy side was trying not to see or hear,i was dreamy blind one walking on her feet but now i separated between being there flying in ma dream and between having my feet on ground and seeing whats real world showing me

      i wrote such piece before but lately i modified depending on how im really feeling and your Challenge just passed by me while i was still at such station and my train was still not moving to the next one,

      im so glad that you liked it that much,thats a big encouragement to me

      thank you for accepting me among all of you

  5. Hi,

    Nothing wrong with a little loving and caring of ME! The world is a tough place and just sometimes self needs a boost! Beautifully crafted piece of writing. ;)


    1. Hi,

      Thanks for such words,you lifted my spirit really,im pleased for such fruitful opinion ,

      i would like to thank you for your piece as it touched me deeply and made me cried and felt every word and felt how she feels that i started to write and couldnt stop myself,your tremendous piece of writing came just in time for me


  6. A very emotional and touching piece of writing. I think your last line ......Dear ME : "I will never let you go away or be lost again,it's time to have faith and carry on with life`s race" ....... holds a lot of meaning for a lot of people (myself included). A lovely positive ending.

    1. Thank Sally :)

      well thats what im lately telling myself,as its time to stand up and continue,as i felt sorrow is getting me more deep down and noone will lift me up except Me,so im trying to introduce me to me,i wish i could succeed ,thanks for your opinion,highly appreciated

  7. Hi, Radwa,
    I'm all for self love that you portray here. It goes a long way towards knowing and appreciate who we really are. Confidence and happiness comes with self love. And it is only when we can truly love our selves that we can give to others. Well done and welcome to RFW.

    1. Hi,Adura,

      I loved your words as its a sort of support for me now,im trying to do with my words,its little bit hard but im trying,

      Thanks for such supportive words and welcoming,im pleased meeting all of you

  8. Hello Radwa. Thank you for posting for us and for joining RFW. Your poem is one of self determination and is very powerful. It is good to accept yourself and love yourself and value yourself. Writing is a great way to get things out that lie hidden inside.

    Lots of great lines here...


  9. Hello Denise,

    Thank you so much ,i appreciate and glad that you liked it

    Its my pleasure and im honored to join RFW :)

    Writing gives me relief and some space feeling that im having a small world of mine

  10. Dear Radwa,
    Your poem takes up a subject that is sometimes forgotten: that self-love is also important. You cannot love others if you do not love yourself first. To know your own worth and value is key in appreciating others.
    Well done.
    Best wishes,
    Three things I could have done better

    1. Dear Anna,

      Thanks alot for such appreciation,
      glad that you liked it actually i was and still missing myself so much so im trying to get her back with every possible way,

      Thanks for your great encouragement