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Sunday, July 8, 2012

the crazy me

air is making me fly
its so strong yet so soft
i know iam crazy
i know iam not a normal person anymore whos normal anyway?
although i cant really c whats there for a while now
but i have this feeling that its really out there
i dont wanna doubt it
but i still caNT and dont wanna c whats going on
but the feeling keeps telling me that everything being replied
that everything being taken care of
its words going between here and thee
thats why its better to be sitting in here
sharing and seeing many souls lost in everywhere
than in reading what you nomore cant really keep
but theres something keeps telling you that its not only you here
but what difference will it make?
if you can be heard or can be replied
its still you sitting all alone kidnapped by such air
where every wave comes and capture you to the nowhere
does all this makes any sense
or its just some nonsense senses created by the air slabbing to your soul


  1. Dear Radwa,
    I guess it's the air messing with your mind! (smile). This is almost like a dirge. Thanks for sharing. Hope you're doing ok.

    Blooming Flowers Living In Love