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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lovers' Cove June Challenge

I`ll be here,was that a promise for her or just words to calm her down,did he really mean it?or it was just a tender touch to wash her tears


  1. Dear Radwa,
    Welcome to Lovers' Cove!
    You have done very well with your lines. They actually leave the story open for a continuation. I might have to write a poem from where you left off (smile).
    Thank you for posting to your blog. I have added you to the Linky and as a current participant, I have also listed your blog in the Participant Blogroll. Do click on the earlier links in the Linky. That way everyone gets to meet each other and make new friends. I'll be compiling the final poem in the upcoming days, so keep checking back for updates. If you would like to take part again, the next challenge will be on the 26th of July (I will hold it every month).
    Many thanks again. I appreciate your contribution.

    Lovers' Cove

  2. Dear Kind Andy,
    I want to thank you for your kindness and awesome support and encouragement (big smile)from east to wast :D
    I ve seen the addition and iam flying,
    Ive met today Elen,shes so nice and she told me that you sent them on Facebook telling them to send me regards,that was so nice of you,I will be waiting for the poem
    I will be waiting for the next challenge and wish i would always be guided through your effective opinion for my thoughts that i add to my blog :)
    Many thanks to you for everything,you have turned my day to a very brightful one,you can`t imagine :)

    1. My sweet and beautiful Radwa,
      You are most welcome! I have posted the final poem. Come see here...

      Thank you for joining Lovers' Cove. You are now an important part of the journey like the others. I hope you will continue with me for many more challenges to come.

      Elen is a very kind and generous lady. I am honored to call her my friend.
      It's easy for us to get lost among so many bloggers, but as long as we support each other, we will all continue to grow. Thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot to me. Have a wonderful week ahead & see you again soon!

      Lovers' Cove

  3. I left you my comment there,:)

    I wish to continue with all of you :)

    shes very nice and friendly,i enjoyed her talking,

    you too have a wonderful week ahead my dear friend

    1. Dear Radwa,
      Good day to you! I hope you are feeling better.
      Thank you for commenting at Lovers' Cove. I have responded. I shall send you a reminder for the next challenge on July 26th. Do keep checking Lovers' Cove for updates...I'm working on a little something for the current participants. ;-)
      Thanks again for taking part in the Lovers' Cove Challenge

      One question...have you thought about adding the Google Friend Connect gadget to your blog? That way others can follow you & vice versa. It's also a good way to promote your blog too.
      Click on Design>Layout>Add A Gadget. Locate the Followers Gadget. Click to add it to your page. Preview to see if you like where it is. If not, just move it around. Then click Save. Now anyone visiting your blog can follow along, if they so choose.
      Relax & have a wonderful day!

      You Make My Eyes Beautiful

    2. My dear Radwa,
      I have a little gift for you to thank you for taking part in Challenge #2. Come see here...