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Friday, July 13, 2012


....when we live all our life dreaming and dreaming...sometimes we get afraid we would have been living inside our dream that our true endless moment passed us by ...without feeling it cos we have been prisoners in our dreams.....


  1. Dear Radwa,
    Life can be full of sadness and pain at times and it is into our drams that we a place where perfection exists and we can be at ease, at least for a short time. Nicely expressed. I like the image you chose too. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm going to send you a email on how to register your copyright

    Unfold My Heart

  2. Yeah Andy,life always surprise us with so many unexpected waves
    some are so high and some are so down that sometimes we lose the balance,other times we stand still,thats life and we have to love it and accept all its sides and faces

    Im so glad you liked it and liked the piicture,i wish whenever you have time ,i wish you would check the thought"drops of rain"as its one of my oldies but was little bit differnt as its having a rhyme scheme that i dont use this much

    for the copy rights,i wish you would check the blog and tell me if i did right thing

    you know Andy,your continous support and quick reply to anything iam trapped at,give me the strength to always know more and learn more,thank you so much for such support,im speechless really ,wishing you adorable week end (big smile)