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Saturday, July 7, 2012

a fight with life

 Among the gathering,here comes "me"
i was looking from one to another
spreading ma smile
trying to forget any pain i carry
telling myself to hold on tight
no matter how i can have an inner fight
but im standing still
iam still having myself
thats what i need to know
thats what i need to take care for
its me and no one else
no matter what
no matter who
no matter where
i have to take a good care
try to find a way out of such pain
no matter how long it takes
but iam ready to take whatever it takes
may be i cry now
but later i will never do like a fool
it will always be a smile
and some tears at few darky nights
thats what i should have infront of my sight
that i will always have a life`s fight
but at every fight,one i will win
and another i will get a life`s bite
but in all cases thats me standing carrying the lighting candle of my life


  1. Dear Radwa,
    You are a talented writer. This poem was very interesting and true. Thanks for sharing my friend.

  2. I agree with Andy.
    By the way, I'm Lawrence from the Philippines, Just dropping by from Andy's Blog Hop Saturday.

    1. Hi Lawrence so nice to meet you and welcome to my blog.Iam Radwa from Egypt .im so glad that you dropped by and you liked the thought wish to always know your opinion so as to get better.have a nice day :)

  3. Dear Andy,such opinion made me fly specially when it comes from someone professional like you thank u so much,thats an awesome start for the day,have a wonderful day my friend

  4. i can totally relate to this poem. as i read on, i would tell myself, "hey i know how that felt" or "oh i've been there." :-)

  5. well those who stand up and light that candle and make something in life on their own , seldom go wrong ..

    a lovely poeem came over from andy sir's blog as saturday blog hop :)


  6. @Lawrence.........thanks for the follow :)i really appreciate so much

  7. glad that im not alone there,and that im surrounded with other souls,im pleased for such soul to soul meeting,
    thanks alot and have a wonderful day and wish to always know your opinion about my whispers :)

  8. @ Bikramjit............:) you have made my day,thanks,im so pleased for such blog hop as its my first time trying it,and such tremendous support from my dear friend Andy and all of you kindly passing by and leaving me such comments that make me wanna continue writing,have a wonderful day Bikramjit,nice meeting you

  9. I love how you express this truth - that our most important fight is our inner struggle. Hope we are all winners.

  10. @Myrna...............i hope so too,thanks alot for reading and sharing me ,iam so pleased

  11. It's hard to escape the pain sometimes, but we can by following even the littlest of light. There is light at the end of a dark tunnel.

    Stopping by via the hop on Andy's blog.

  12. Yeah Debbie like you said pain is hard sometimes
    Im trying to take my strenght from my weakness its not easy but im trying so as to always have some light within even if its not this shinny one

    Thanks for dropping by and sharing :)

  13. I like the spirit..
    You’re talking about life.. every one’s life.. for life is war.. a big one.. full of battles..
    and one should be well-armed with all the weapons they might need..
    and you’ve chosen one very effective weapon, your inner strength, you’ve chosen the mother of all weapons..
    so, my little advice for you is: add to it the ultimate trust in Allah.. and nothing ever can break you.

    listen to this one

    1. yeah ,its ups and downs indeed

      the song is awesome

      glad that u liked it

  14. ما شاء الله حلو جدا يا رضوى