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Friday, June 29, 2012

its never too late ,its never too late

you never know how much strong you are,
 till being strong is all that you need and all that you have to be ,
its all about (U) and who u r and ,
 what u really need and want from such life,
u have got to be honest with yourself & face her
and let her talk out loud & listen to her and take good care of her
as u have been taking care of all around,its time to take care of (U)
I owe U my sweet self,but it took me so long to realize it
but its never too late,never too late


  1. Hello.
    You are so right...there comes a time when we have to put ourselves first. If we don't or can't love ourselves, how will we ever begin to love anyone else? This is almost like a song. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
    BTW, can you please turn off word verification?

    I am sorry you missed the linkup to Lovers' Cove Challenge #2. I will add your lines to the Linky, but you need to post them to your blog first. Please check your email, I have sent you a message and I have replied to your comment at Lovers' Cove. I'll wait for your post before I start compiling the final poem. Let me know if you need my help.

    Lovers' Cove

  2. Andy :),yeah its time to take care of me,i feel i deeply need it,well iam glad that you liked it,thanks alot

    btw......really im sorry but i dont know from where shall i turn it off,im sorry as most of my usage on lap is more for drawing as an architect,so if you can kindly tell me how,i really would appreciate it and for the link,im sorry cos i missed it,its just some problems at work and cant open from there,so i opened as soon as i used my own lap at home,anyway i sent you the link on your email ,and here by again the link

    1. Dear Radwa,
      To turn off word verification:
      From your home page, click on
      1. Design
      2. then Settings
      3. then Posts and comments
      4. Under the Comments section where it says "show word verification", change that to "no"
      5. If you would like to moderate comments before they are published (you get to see them first before they appear on your blog), under "Moderate comments", change to "Always"
      6. Save the settings (the save button is top right )
      That's it.
      Please let me know if you need any further help.

      Thank you for taking part in Challenge #2.
      See you soon!

      Lovers' Cove

  3. Well i have done it,thanks Andy,God willing by time,i will be getting used to all the options of the blog as my old previous blog ,i used not to participate this much,just publish and didnt upgrade it as i lost the account itself,but here iam again having my new one and iam willing to seed it and add in it without fear :)

    1. My dear Radwa,
      Thank you so much for turning off word verification. Some of the words are just impossible to read.
      My wife is the one who adds all the features to both my blogs, so if there is anything we can do to help you with yours, just let me know.

      I love writing poetry and love is my passion. Your confidence will grow the more you use your blog.
      I almost forgot...Every first Saturday in the month, I hold a blog hop called Blog Hop Saturday! If you are interested in linking up your blog and meeting new friends, you're welcome to join in. The next hop will be on July 6th-7th. More information here...

      Wishing you well dear friend and have a great week ahead!
      I hope you enjoy the final poem. ;-)

      Lovers' Cove

  4. its ok Andy,you most welcome and plz send my best regards to your beloved wife,tell her that the blogs` features are awesome,well done

    I will take by your words and i wish not to stop writing so as not to get frozen again

    for the blog hop,God willing next Saturday i will do my best to join :)

    i enjoyed the poem to the extent really,i left you my comment there,its awesome how minds can draw one portrait with all such colorful touch of everyone,i loved it,and honored to join,i was so excited to see my words within all of you,

    thanks Andy aloooooooooooooooooot