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Sunday, June 24, 2012

me&the dawn

............Sitting between an endless silence
an internal whisper telling you its only You
you start to listen to such unknown whisper
that you don`t know from where its coming through
its becoming stronger and stronger
breaking the silent bubble surrounding you
when such whisper was almost there
almost gonna take you and kidnapping you somewhere
here comes out of nowhere dozens of sounds
coming from here and there
all together flying and towards  me
i realized its the sounds of the birds
i realized it wasn`t only me at the dawn
it was the tender birds surrounding me all time long
trying to reply back every single sound of my own
telling me that iam not completely alone
that i should close my eyes and listen to the dawn
listen to ALLAH`s whispers for me
knowing deep inside that though iam there all night long
but through these night long i was never Alone
Dear beloved Allah is taking care of me all along
after such strong whispers,i felt a deep feeling
that i was deep inside such long dark night without a light
but Dear Allah gave me the chance to wait till i witness another sight
a sight for the coming dawn that slightly coming to carry on
carry every single hope with an endless tight robe
erasing every single dark hour that has been surrounding me
turning it into a lighting up candle thats spreading light just for me
giving me all the warmth and hope and faith i wanted to feel  
wishing all of you to share such dawn and feel such feel dawn 6th April,2011 6:00 A.M