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Friday, June 22, 2012

a wonder

mmmmm wondering about life
what passed,whats happening,what will happen
about ppl that come in and out of your life
ppl you meet without planning
others you meet cos its meant to be
others you meet cos you have to
and some you meet cos you love to be with
among all thats common its only YOU
you miss some,some miss you
you forgive some,others forgive you
you got upset from some sometimes
others do same same
some come into your life without  reason
and they stay for a worth reason
others come and simply go
and you never know why was so
some you care to get back
others you just let go
some life takes from you and nolonger alive
some try to understand you
others you try to understand
some only take from you
others comp0letely give whats true
between all you in between
try to gather all the strings that will draw the picture
a picture of a life of yours
where every part of the picture is carrying a story
a story of love,a story of hate,a story of trust,a story of betray
but to be honest theres no place for hate nor betray
as its simply some situations that sometimes we have to obey
some situations that we do with full belive and pray
some situations that we have to care for and understand and think about
thats life like a deep blue sea......
we love looking at and getting deep inside
but we have to surrender ourselves to it
so some waves could be high
other waves could be smooth
its simply us among it all
so we have to accept it and love it
love all its details
details of sorrow,details of happiness,true love,true care
its a portrait that everyone of us has his/her own
and we simply have to carry on and go through
and simply leave it all to our beloved ALLAH
as its simply a big exam that will make us pass to the big world
such world you see what your eyes never saw or your dreams ever come to
its another world,another place,its heaven
so we have to accept it with deep faith 
we have to accept it all with pure forgivness and understanding
understanding to all whom love us and whom dont
as they never hate us but simply can`t go on with our path
such life gathered many together and many far apart
c`est la vie.......c`est la vie......
what we have to do when the waves are so high
we have to keep on praying,keep the faith
love all and cherrish rare and never hate
that was a thought that i was lucky that it passed by me
for everyone of you whatever her/his problem
just remember we have noone except our beloved ALLAH
soooo elhamdollelah for evrything good and worse
good to make us happy
worse to make us strong...................

I wanted to share it with everyone as life is too short and whomever can help others should do same as always sharing is caring...............wish you kindly read it but wish you all kindly dont copy it on it and let your hand write everyone of us would read  others` share and would keep his/her own words of such lifetime melody

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