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Friday, June 15, 2012

A pray on a bay - 16th August,2007

today……i heard your pray…
It was coming from far away….
It was so strange that my soul started to sway
As I was walking down the bay….
All of a sudden I felt its getting grey…
I couldn’t say….
Whether iam dreaming or iam drifted away
Whether its really raining….
Or its your tears spreading all over the bay….
I tried badly to find a way
In such a dark day
Come what may
Is it really grey…
Or its your weeping cloud
Covering the whole bay
Come what may
Is it really grey
Or its just a mirage
Controlling the whole bay
I suddenly lost my way
I cant find any ray
I turned around trying to find your painful sound
But all I found was you….getting blue….
I tried make you breathe….
But there was so much inside you unreleased
…just try….breathe…breathe…
I wished it was a dream….
I wished it wasn’t real….
Seeing you with such painful peal…
Made me feeling so much fear….
For a second I found you so weird….
Trying to hold tight a harmful reed
As if you have nothing else to lose
As if you wanted to bleed
To get all the poison out and get healed
I tried to make you breathe
But your pain was making you getting freezed
Its getting cold
You looking so bold
I searched for a candle to hold
So as to keep you warm
Come what may….
I felt so lost in such bay…
I couldn’t handle such decay
All I had was to pray….
That was the only way….
All of sudden I found the cloud escaping away
As if my pray was heard all over the bay….
I found my eyes reaching the sky again…
I found you breathing again…
I found the harmful reed turning on to grain…
That winds came and blow it up in vain…
I tried to find a reason for such change…
I realized it was just a pray that destroyed the chain….
A chain that made us prisoners in such pain….
It was the moment of the dawn…
The sun was trying to find her way on…
The rays were breaking every grey
Turning such grey to a brightful day
It’s a brand new day….
A day that carry hope all over the bay…
I turned to you to say……
Don’t let your sorrow and pain drift you away…
You turned to me to say…
. Don’t let your sorrow and pain drift you away
As both of us were lost in such bay….
The bay……carried so much pain deep inside
The bay…….witnessed so many silent shouts un replied
We realized how many things were out of sight
We realized how many things we didn’t stand to fight
I looked at you…….you looked at me….
We randomly met….which wasn’t planned to be
I saved you once … saved me once….
We met on a crossing board
May be one of us was meant to be abroad
May be one day….we`ll meet down the road
But this time it wont be for exchanging load
Let it be for……
Lets leave it opened….
Lets leave it to faith….
May be one day we will meet
And what`s missed will be complete….
For now I will leave you to feel released….
Till we meet........


  1. wish one daaay we meet...... i looooove it.. bonne continuation !!

    1. my dear best friend,thanks for your continous support for me,im glad cos u r around,love you

  2. Hello.
    I was caught up in the emotion of this. Where there's hope, there's life and where there's life, there's love. I hope in time you both will meet. I enjoyed reading this.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Emotions Of Poetry

  3. @Andy ,thank you so much for such support,im really glad for your fruitful words
    Thanks for reading and feeding me back,i do appreciate it